About Us
Decadent Dogs specializes in the rare AKC White Tri Parti's as well as the traditional Blue & Tans and the unique Goldens. All of our dogs are registered through the most diligent dog registry: The American Kennel Club (AKC).

My name is Clarice & I grew up in a home in which we always bred and showed the best of the best in both dogs and horses. We have been breeding for well over 30 years and have narrowed it down to our favorite breed: the Yorkshire Terrier. We focus all our attention on not only breeding well rounded, gorgeous dogs, with beautiful faces, silky coats and vibrant colors, meeting the Yorkshire standards, but just as importantly, we breed for fabulous personalities.

We know that dogs are like people in that each has their own unique personality & character and we strive to make a perfect match between owner and dog so that both may enjoy a long, happy life together. We raise our puppies and dogs in a family atmosphere, not a kennel. They live in our home, sleep in our beds, greet us at the door, work along side us in our office, ride in the car with us and are just a real part of our family. We know our dogs inside and out.

We strongly believe in breeding for quality instead of quantity and so we are not a large breeder and do not always have puppies available. As one of our hobbies, we enjoy the show arena and we are always trying to improve the breed. So whether you are looking to show or just want a loving companion, we want to fit all your needs.

All of our little ones come with a health guarantee. They have had their shots, been de-wormed, started on potty training, and are comfortable in a crate for sleep or travel. We feed only top quality feed. Shipping is available at an additional charge, usually around $350-$375 for up to 2 dogs. We do not ship our dogs in the cargo section of the airplane!Instead the dogs are carefully transported in the airplane cabin with an experienced dog transporter. Please inquire if interested in shipping and we will do our best to serve your needs.