Our exceptionally bred sires are all unique and add something special to our breeding program. They have a gentlemen’s temperament & get along very well with one another. These sweet guys live in a loving family atmosphere and are treated like royalty! Please enjoy the following pictures of our sires, which you can enlarge by clicking on them.

Macho – Active

Small 4 lbs Gorgeous male with silk coat, perfect topline and tight tail. Incredible Champion Pedigree. This little guy has the kindest most loving personality. He gets along with everyone and is absolutely the easiest most respectful boy ever!

Avatar – Retired

Avatar Loves the Show Arena! He carries the Parti gene. He is a kind hearted dog, he loves his puppies!

Princeton – Active

TINY 3 lbs, Stunning with thick coat and Loving Kind personality.

Spumoni – Active

AKC Golden carrier. Cobby body, Nice big round eyes, Very Loyal, Loving personality. Throws Gorgeous babies!!!

Chopper – Active

A Incrediable Gorgeous Boy, with a super thick dark coat. Full of Personality!

Caden – Active

Decadent Sir CadBury. The most loving Kind Gentleman and Happens to be a incredibly rare AKC Chocolate Parti!

Sire: Drac
Dam: Morah
Date of Birth: 3-28-2015

Blue – Active

Blue is a “Looker!’ And…. a “Lover!” Very Gentle sweet personality. Incredible color. This rare and unique blue merle color is so striking! And his blue eye sets off his extra uniqueness. He is playful but considerate.

Kadir – Available for Adoption

Small Red Merle with Blue and Brown eyes. Short legs Cobby body with very thick coat.

Status: Available for adoption $1500

Kyro – Retired

Very Rare Purebred Blue Merle Yorkie with One Blue Eye. Europe Import Triple registered IHR, CKC & APRI

Status: Retired to his forever home.


Our Lovable Ladies live in our home, sleep in our bed, and live a lavish life fit for a queen! They eat only the best & are well supplemented. Since we are not a large breeding operation, but instead focus on producing high quality, lovable dogs with excellent temperaments, puppies are not always available. Please enjoy the following pictures of our dams, which you can enlarge by clicking on them.

Jasmine – Available for Adoption

Gorgeous Blue Merle with Blue Speck eyes. Very Cobby body with short legs. Very Deep and Passionate.

Status: Available for adoption $2750 pet price only

Jewel – Adopted to her new Forever home!!

Breed: Yorkshire “Yorkie” Terrier
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 01/08/2017
Sire: Dillon
Dam: Treasure
Price: $1500 Pet Only Price
Status: Adopted

Jewel is a young adult AKC registered parti female. She’s on the smaller side it has a huge heart! She gets very attached to her person. She will be for pet only.

Stilletto – Expecting a litter April 2020 with Sire Chopper

Stiletto is a young adult AKC female. She’s a beautiful girl but is more on the Timid side. She needs to be in a gentle quiet home with lots of love.

Divinity – Active

STUNNING! Very Very Intelligent Chocolate Parti. Dam is our Lovley Aeriel known for producing TeddyBear Faces.

Safire – Active

Incrediably Gorgeous Blue eyed, Blue Merle with gorgeous rich coloring and amazing Coat and Personality!

Deja – Active

Parti Carrier. Her mother is Aeriel a Parti that carries Chocolate. Her Sire is Dino. Great Personality!

Sire: Dino
Dam: Aeriel
Date of Birth: 11/24/2015

CoCo – Active

Rare AKC gorgeous Golden Girl. Very intelligent, nice big round eyes & beautiful face.

Dam: Nalah
Date of Birth: 4-24-2012

Diva – Active

Simply Gorgeous!!! Thick Coat and Fantastic Personality!!!!

Tutti – Active

Gorgeous Smooshy face with dark Thick coat. Full of kisses!

Gucci – Active

Beautiful Silk coat, Nice big round eyes and long eyelashes. Kind and loving personality!

Chalet – Active

“RETIRED”Stunning AKC Parti who carries the Chocolate gene. Chalets had a rainbow of 6 puppies in her last litter!

Diamond – Active

Incrediably Sweet girl, never any trouble… kind to all. Diamond is a Blue merle that has produced some amazing colors, even blue eyes!

Aerial – Retired

Amazing Personality! Always Playful and Happy. Aerial carries the Chocolate Gene. Now retired to her forever home.

Nalah – Retired

RETIRED But we have her babies to carry on her legacy, Cocoa, Sugar, McKenzie & Spumoni. Nalah is a AKC Golden

Snazzy – Retired

This Classy Senior, Queen B is one of our Beloved foundation dogs. Her main photo was recently taken at the age 11 years old. Snazzy is a very petite princess. She is now retired and sleeps in my bed every night. She is adored!

Nalah – Retired

RETIRED But we have her babies to carry on her legacy, Cocoa, Sugar, McKenzie & Spumoni. Nalah is a AKC Golden

Sugar – Retired

Snazzy – Retired

RETIRED Snazzy has a wonderful Champion Pedigree. Very petite 4 lbs

McKenzie – Retired

RETIRED. Tiny & Petite AKC Golden Female that carries the Parti gene. Golden parti pups…Gorgeous!

Treasure – Retired

RETIRED now in forever loving home. Beautiful Parti Carrier. Father is a gorgeous big eyed Parti male.

Precious – Retired

RETIRED now in forever loving home.. Grandfather was a Incredible Champion. Precious has a Huge Diva Attitude!

Pearl – Retired

NOW IN NEW FOREVER HOME…Red Merle that is Extreemly intelligent with a fun loving personality.