Mojo – Active

Dark black silk coat, Very short nose, Great big round eyes, shorter legs with Cobby body. This little guy lives up to his name. Just a Cool laid back personality. A total Cuddle Bug!

Romeo – Active

Fancy Fancy! This little 4lbs Boy Floats when he moves. Very Silk Coat with shorter Legs. Tiny nose and Beautiful face. This little guy came all  the way from Russia! Amazing Happy and Lovable personality.

Elvis – Active

Elvis is our up and coming Stud. We imported Elvis from Russia, and his father is a Stunning Russian Champion by the name of Rio. Elvis is Triple  registered AKC, FCI & APRI. Champion Pedigree. The light canvas on his face, makes those big dark eyes Pop! Big personality that loves to be loved.

Chopper – Active

A Incrediable Gorgeous Boy, with a super thick dark coat. Full of Personality!

Rico Suave-Active

This Drop Dead Gorgeous boy is a Champion in  Russia and comes from Amazing lines. He is very gentle and kind and loves to snuggle. He is half brother to Mojo.

Count Chocolate

This Tiny Chocolate parti boy, will be our up and coming stud. Parents Chip, a chocolate party and Scout a KB black yorkie also pictured. I do not own the parents.

Macho – Adopted into his forever home

Small 4 lbs Gorgeous male with silk coat, perfect topline and tight tail. Incredible Champion Pedigree.

Princeton – Active

TINY 3 lbs, Stunning Rich Black and white coat. Nice big round eyes and tends to throw small babies.

Caden – Active

Decadent Sir CadBury. The most loving Kind Gentleman and Happens to be a incredibly rare AKC Chocolate Parti!

Sire: Drac
Dam: Morah
Date of Birth: 3-28-2015

Blue – Active

Blue is a “Looker!’ And…. a “Lover!” Very Gentle sweet personality. Incredible color. This rare and unique blue merle color is so striking! And his blue eye sets off his extra uniqueness. He is playful but considerate.

Vador – Active

KB Black – No Tan, Short legs Cobby body with a very thick coat.

This Gorgeous Boy has it all! Looks and Personality! Very Smart. His parents are from Europe. He is Registered APRI. Vador has a Beautiful face with a short nose, kind round eyes. He also has a thick rich black coat. His Mother is also a KB Black and father is a Black berry merle with one blue eye. His sister is our Stunning Sky a Blue Merle with a Blue eye.

Kadir – Adopted into his Forever home

Small Red Merle with Blue and Brown eyes. Short legs Cobby body with very thick coat.

Status: Retired Young and now living in Colorado!

Tank Not only Beautiful on the Outside but the Inside too!

This Kind soul is gentle with the puppies and alerts us when it is time for his wives to deliver puppies. He is a real looker! His mother is Tutee from Russia and Daddy is Spumoni…. who also was kind gentle and loving to his wives and children.

Kyro – Adopted to his new home in Colorado

Very Rare Purebred Blue Merle Yorkie with One Blue Eye. Europe Import Triple registered IHR, CKC & APRI

Status: Retired to his forever home.

Spumoni – Retired

Registed AKC. Darling little Teddybear face

“HARLEY”-Adopted into his Forever Loving Home

Small 3 lb. Gorgeous male with silk coat, short nose and very Petite built.  This little guy has a huge heart… Although he is Tiny…He is Mighty, so he thinks.

Avatar – Retired in His Forever Loving home

Avatar Loves the Show Arena! He carries the Parti gene. He is a kind hearted dog, he loves his puppies!